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Diacom equipment is a breakthrough in 21ST century technology!

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Diacom Poland directs its range of devices to all entities interested in promoting health prevention (naturotherapists, doctors, physiotherapists, cosmetologists, Nutriticians, individuals, etc.) or people wishing to expand their Activities in the NLS biomedical information services in Diacom for the testing of the body’s load, as well as bioresonance therapy NLS or Freqingów. For more information, see the Devices tab.

The trainings and workshops we offer are for all people who want to acquire the ability to operate on the device Diacom Lite Freq. As well as for those wishing to deepe their knowledge in the subject of NLS magnetic bioresonance and natural medicine and parasitology.

DIACOM POLAND Exclusive Representative of Diacom Technology devices in Poland as well as Official Representative of Diacom Technology devices in Spain, France, England, Germany, Sweden, Ireland and Scotland.


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Meet Bioresonance Scan Tool Diacom Lite Freq Utium

Diacom Lite Freq Utium is the newest device of the 21ST century on the international market. It is a unique breakthrough in the development of a modern non-invasive, safe method of magnetic bioresonance NLS. It allows for the separate determination of the bio-energy status of each human body. Early detection of health problems gives the possibility to implement more effective bioresonance therapy NLS.

With the Diacom Lite Freq Utium, the NLS bioresonance test is now more accurate and easier to use.

It is used to carry out a scan of the human body (it enjoys enormous success in natural medicine, cosmetology, Dermatology, parasitology, pathomorphological, sports, recreation, etc.). Thus, in a convenient, holistic and efficient manner, it analyses the condition of the organism with regard to: general tension, detailed analysis of individual systems, organs, cells, tissues as well as for the scanning of human DNA.


What is NLS magnetic bioresonance?


The method is unrivaled in terms of safety and convenience for the patient, is completely painless, non-invasive, does not cause irradiation of the body, perfectly tolerated by children.


Thanks to the method we have the opportunity to "see from within" all organs and tissues of the human body, recognize their condition and print.


Accurate digital assessment of the energy status of organs: kidney, thyroid, pancreas, heart, lungs, liver, genitals, etc. Diagnosis of dysbacteriosis, parasites, microorganisms and allergens without the need for complicated and costly tests.

Save time and money

Just one 2 hour test to get detailed information about the health status of the whole organism. A person obtains knowledge about the causes and the way the disease is to be averting, not just removing symptoms.

What is NLS magnetic bioresonance?

Diacom Urmium, like any other system, requires a brief description of its purpose and application. The Program is used to present the results of assessing the human energy status of the organism, designing the data obtained on virtual organ models for subsequent analysis to detect deviations of this energy, non-specific Situation.

Like any other technology, this also has its own goals.

Its purpose is to improve the body’s condition by applying the most accurate methods with the least possible harm.