Device capabilities

This is a revolutionary solution of the 21st century among biodiagnostic devices on the international market. With the Diacom Lite Freq Utium, the NLS bioresonance test is now more accurate and easier to use, with 97 recognition accuracy!!!

Device capabilities

  • It scans and balances the electromagnetic field of more than 574 organs, tissues and bones.
  • The possibility of diagnosing more than 140000 different ailments and checking their causes, as well as the pace of development.
  • Examine in a short time the structure of tissues, organs, cells and systems.
  • Precise checking of the presence and level of allergies, hormones, bacteria, fungi, infections, viruses, bacteria, parasites with the ability to determine their location in the body with the accuracy of 97!!!
  • Determining the biochic state of the organism
  • Pathology
  • Examination of anatomical structures,
  • Checking the histological model,
  • Examination of the genetic and chromosomal model,
  • Conducting the food intolerance test
  • Comprehensive database of INF. About herbs, drugs, parapharmaceutics, dietary supplements, homeopathy, litoterapii,, helpful in choosing a future diet of the client.
  • Analysis of deficiency of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients

DIACOM LITE FREQ UTIUM, works on 3 programs that give you great possibilities:

URMIUM – is used to assess the biological and magnetic state of the body. We can scan more than 574 organs, tissues, bones, etc., the device communicates to us the state of loads of the whole organism. Including all organs, blood cells, chromosomes, microorganisms, etc. Through graphs, images and coefficients we can read and determine the health problem. Thus, we can propose dietary supplements, herbs, body cleansing methods, dietary advice, DIACOM therapies as well as recommendations for the implementation of additional specialized tests.
One of the greatest advantages of the device is the ability to check the harmful or beneficial effect on our health, the various preparations we take (dietary supplements or medications). We can also analyse food and test its effects on the body

A useful function is the ability to assess the severity of the disease and forecast progress in the next 2-5 years, if of course the person does not change the lifestyle.
The innovative function of the device is a non-invasive blood test.
The use of all the options available in the software allows for the first scan to detect irregularities, locate the pathogen, the site of infection, and thus faster help in combating it.

A novelty is the food intolerance test and checking the level of vitamins and minerals. You can also use your device to perform therapeutic programs:
Meta-Harmonization, Dc harmonization, chromotherapy, acupuncture,

FREQ– a program used to remove pathogens, parasites, fungi, protozoa, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, toxins and carrying out DETOX therapy from the human body

MONITOR – is used to detect and neutralize electromagnetic and geopathic loads.




The method is unrivaled in terms of safety and convenience for the patient, is completely painless, non-invasive, does not cause irradiation of the body, perfectly tolerated by children.



Accurate digital assessment of the energy status of organs: kidney, thyroid, pancreas, heart, lungs, liver, genitals, etc. Diagnosis of dysbacteriosis, parasites, microorganisms and allergens without the need for complicated and costly tests.



Thanks to the method we have the opportunity to “see from within” all organs and tissues of the human body, recognize their condition and print.



Just one 2 hour test to get detailed information about the health status of the whole organism. A person obtains knowledge about the causes and the way the disease is to be averting, not just removing symptoms.


DIACOM Lite-Freq-Utium, the device is registered and obtained the certificate of the measuring device. Diacom Lite-Freq-Utium is an information and measurement device, the latest generation, measuring low-voltage electromagnetic fields and a low-voltage electro-magnetic generator. The device has passed all tests, including electromagnetic safety, harmless to the environment and safe for animals and humans.

From the outside the device is a rectangular box. There are three LEDs on the front panel, there is a switch on the back of the bezel, input for connection of the bioinductors, two more inputs for the connection of the electrodes for the milling of Freqingów.

The device Diacom Lite-Freq-Utium has the ability to update the software in online mode.

The dimensions of this unit are 156x180x36 mm.

The kit includes, in addition to the main device, electromagnetic bioinducers, USB cables, electromagnetic Reprinter in the form of a metal-glass bioinduction bowl, Freq cables. The device is stored in a cardboard box, reusable.

Inside the main unit is located: A panel of radio-electronic components-including a system of protection against hackers, a communication system with a personal computer, a system for generating and detecting low-voltage electromagnetic fields, a program for Generating low-voltage electromagnetic waves.

To associate a device with a computer, the appropriate drivers must be installed.


  • Power-USB port on your computer.
  • Supply voltages – 5 V;
  • Current consumption-500 mA;
  • Frequency range rated na1Hz-1MHz;
  • Mediated superposition of frequency to electromagnetic component-5.5 GHz;
  • Frequency-generated range-1Hz-1MHz;
  • Interface speed-up to 1 MHz;
  • Bioinducers-Passive and active;