Diacom Solo Freq Personal Medio, The latest portable device for removing microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and Detox therapy

We present the latest camera from DIACOM TECHNOLOGY:

Imagine that you can implement Diacom Freqing therapy, i.e. current therapy, which serves to eliminate microorganisms, conduct Detox therapy, combat pain anywhere. Wondering how it’s possible?

Well, the company DIACOM TECHNOLOGY has released the latest portable, wireless device DIACOM SOLO FREQ PERSONAL MEDIO, for which you do not need a laptop connection.

DIACOM SOLO FREQ PERSONAL MEDIO contains over 1600 frequencies. Has the ability to enter and store new frequencies entered. It has the ability to save created therapies. The device has a built-in LCD touch screen is easy to use and comfortable enough to fit in your pocket. Working time on one charge – 13 hours.

Charging the device and downloading software updates is done by connecting the device to the USB input of a computer or other 5V power source. Currently, the software is in Spanish, Polish, English, Russian, Czech.

To update your device, you must have the Diacom-Updater update software installed on your computer so that your device can download any free online update.
The equipment kit includes, in addition to the main unit, USB cable and Freq cables. The set is packed in a reusable cardboard box