There are health problems in the world that must be combated:
“How do you help your body get rid of unwanted cells, viruses or bacteria without damaging healthy cells?”

Based on the research of dr. Nikola Tesla, dr. Albert Abrams Williams Reef, dr. Hulde Clark i dr. George Lakhovsky, Diacom has developed the DIACOM PLAZMOTRONIC electronic device. It is an easy-to-use device that gives good results, used to repair damaged cells and tissues in the body.

The plasma generator, by using frequency, is able to destroy microorganisms (pathogens, viruses, bacteria, parasites) that are in the body and can cause various diseases.
The basis of the generator’s production was the creation of an electronic remote device for the destruction of microorganisms with which the immune system is not able to fight without disturbing the biological balance of the body.
Diacom Plazmotronic is intended to assist in the fight against chronic and serious diseases, psycho-emotional disorders, weak intercellular connections (e.g. multiple sclerosis), cancer, skin diseases (psoriasis), digestive system regulation, prostate, heart problems, increase immunity, as well as improving the electromagnetic field and sleep regulation.
You’ve probably heard of other plasma generators, but DIACOM PLAZMOTRONIC is a unique software based on the latest technological innovations to improve health.

The new plasma generator DIACOM PLAZMOTRONIC, includes materials that have been equipped with the latest generation systems, has the option of regulating the intensity of use of different frequencies, as well as the ability to change from inside to outside the generator pulse source, which are sent to the plasmotronics.
Another important difference that makes our product so unique is the ability to use various types of lamps.
The DIACOM PLAZMOTRONIC plasma generator has the ability to update software remotely.
It should be remembered that DIACOM has been guaranteeing high quality products and satisfaction guarantees of its products for 10 years on the international market.


  • Connection to DIACOM Lite + Freq and DIACOM Solo-Freq, using the FREQ and FREQ DAVO programs.
  • The life of the plasma lamp is min 5000 hours of work (you can extend the lamp life by 95% longer)
  • Over 1850 programs, counting that each program has about 7-10 different frequencies of pathogen mutations
  • The weight of the device is only 10 KG (portable case)
  • Dimensions: 550x225x295
  • Diacom Plazmotronic operates in the range from 0.1 Hz to 999999.99 Hz
  • Control via touch LCD display
  • USB port for firmware update
  • Network connection: 150-350 V
  • Device power consumption: 350 W
  • Max. working area: 30 m2
  • Max. distance: 20 m
  • Non-stop working time: 6 hours

Diacom-Plazmotronic is fully compliant with all applicable EU safety standards for high voltage equipment.