The PERIPHERAL DIACOM DIACOM – Magneto – Module is designed for the conversion of electrical pulses in electromagnetic fields.
It is registered and certified as an accessory to a low-voltage electromagnetic field generator.

The device has undergone all tests, including electromagnetic safety, environmental friendliness and safety for humans and animals.
The outside device is a rectangular box with two outer holes in the side wall of the device.

One of which is designed to connect an external power supply and the other for connecting Diacom SOLO-FREQ-PC or Diacom Lite-FREQ devices.

The device has a size of 66.25×66, 25×27.50 mm.

In addition to the main device, the hardware includes a power supply and a cable to connect a computer with a FREQ generator.

The device is designed to restore the electromagnetic field of a given frequency on the basis of external control of the FREQ generator This allows you to produce different effects on bacteria and viruses.

Also indicated in pathological pain processes, using the appropriate frequency.

Power supply – external power supply.
Voltage – 9V power supply
Current consumption – up to 300 mA.
Repeatability of the field – 0.15-0.20 Zac.

Note! In accordance with Article 2(10) of the basic Regulation, Article 2(2) shall be replaced by the following Article 38 of the Diacom Magneto Module Medical Devices Act is not a medical device.