DIACOM SOLO FREQ PC is registered and certified as a low voltage electromagnetic wave generator.

The device has undergone all tests, including electromagnetic safety, environmental friendliness and safety for humans and animals.

From the outside, the device is a box with two LED indicators on the side panel, a USB connector and a cable to connect the FREQ connectors. The device has a size of 135x70x24 mm.
The equipment kit includes, in addition to the main unit, a USB cable and freq cables. The set is sold in a reusable cardboard box.
The generator is suitable for removing microorganisms, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and body detoxifying therapy.

It allows you to easily use supportive therapies. The electromagnetic frequencies generated by the device are selective and have an effect on certain groups of microorganisms.

The recommended way to work with the device software is Diacom FREQ FREQ and DAVO.


Power supply – USB port on the computer.
Supply voltage – 5V.
Current consumption – up to 300 mA.
Frequency range generated – 1Hz-1MHz.
Interface speed – up to 1MHz.